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Need Help Planning an Effective
PR Campaign for Your Business?

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Need Help Planning an Effective PR Campaign for Your Business?
Need Help Planning an Effective Public Relations (PR) Publicity Campaign for Your Business?

Front Page PR has been in the advertising, public relations and publicity business for more than 25+ years and has successfully generated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of positive, credible news coverage for our clients.

We plan PR campaigns like most agencies plan advertising campaigns. This starts with defining a target audience, then building a list of potential media outlets that contain the highest composition of the correct target audience with the highest purchasing power to buy our client’s products and services.

We review each media outlet’s full media kit including the readership studies, audit statements, editorial calendars, which are chock full of many different types of editorial and other types of marketing opportunities. The most important thing we learn during this process is what target audience the publication serves to its advertisers, which also defines the editorial environment of stories that the news staff is assigned to write for to attract the write target audience of readers for its advertisers.

In addition, every magazine has a masthead that provides a list of editors, who assign stories; beat reporters who cover certain subject matters; news reporters, who cover daily news; and journalists, who specialize in writing product roundups, feature articles and industry trend stories.

Knowing what type of story to pitch each segment of press contacts makes a big difference the success of the actual media pitch. And if you have done the research, know the target audience their circulation serves and what editorial mission their newsroom has been assigned to cover, reporters will know it in about 3 seconds while reading email media pitches. This is the primary area where most junior PR practitioners fail. This is also the primary difference between a great PR firm and one that just issues press releases and hopes to score an article or two.

The advantage of planning annual PR publicity campaigns in this manner is that instead of spending $1,000,000 to purchase expensive advertising campaigns, you can spend $120,000 on a good PR team and generate $500,000 to several millions dollars of free, credible publicity. The larger the company and the stronger the brand is, the better the chance that PR will be able to generate an incredible amount of publicity.

Are these types of results guaranteed? No, they are not. But the results will be a lot better than hiring a PR firm, paying them $5,000, having them issue four press releases at the wrong time of the year when no editorial opportunities exist and then expecting immediate results. Targeting specific planned editorial opportunities is a much more effective PR strategy.

This is the main difference between our PR firm and the rest of the crowd. There is a lot more to the story, but this is one main point we like to make when potential clients ask, “Why is Front Page PR the best PR firm to hire?”

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